the man who is so in love with the thought of being alone that it makes him feel like he is drifting on a stratocumulus cloud. the idea that not another soul could alter the perimeters of surrounding environments. everything that formed so perfectly for him has been a creation of his own work that the sense of fulfillment derives from simply being present. yet the man who seemed so in love with solitude finds a perplexed compass pointing in polar opposite from his own true understanding. the sudden awakening of a lonely, translucent life reflects back to him by every mirror, every simple little glimpse of a visual echo screams and shouts at his own belief in the meaning of being alone. the cries for help are stomped down by a subconscious control that impedes on the true desire for basking in the joy of self-love. the funny thing about the man: he is the one with the enhanced knowledge of self-desire, self-love, self-awareness. for all that he has ever endured has now paid off in his journey of wisdom and he is the one to rise above the mediocre expectations set by the mind-numbing reality he encounters. fear, love, desire, melancholy, loathe, poison, fire, broken-heart(s), deception, misery, uncontrollable laughter, power to the people, explosive euphoria, breaking boundaries, esotericism. he fought for this all, for a liberated personal freedom. the encounters along the way have been altered to his own life path to elevate the reach of complete and final happiness.

the “man” is myself.
the “man” is also who you are.

open your soul and find the true meaning of your existence.